MFPX Series 5-10kVA
MFPX Series 5-10kVA

Digital Control System

All of the control functions for MFPX Series including power-on, start-up control, input stage power factor control, battery charging and boosting control, output stage AC voltage regulation and shut-down control, can be realized by using a single DSP control board.

High output Power Factor

High Output Power Factor provides more active power than a traditional UPS. Suitable for modern power supply application with unity or capacity power factor (e.g. new servers generation) without any reduction in active power.


Flexibility achieved through may choices, including type of battery, single or multi-unit configuration, accessories and options.

  • Compatible with Li-ion Battery
  • Battery flexibility : 16/18/20 Nos.
  • Can be paralleled up to 4 Units

Save your CapEx and minimize OpEx by choosing MFPX Series UPS

  • Scale the system for capacity enhancement or redundancy
  • Inflexible power performance while delivering high online efficiency
  • Compact footprint helps to choose smaller room size
  • Low ithd levels help in choosing smaller DG set