SNB Series Server Network Rack Size 42U
Solid doors

Standard solid doors.

Easy Transportation

SNB series Server / network cabinet can be shipped in knockdown packing, which will save 2/3 space than assembled

More space for cable management

Vertical installation metal management in 600mm wide rack provide more space for network cable management.

Excellent vented doors

High density vented single front door and split rear door,vented area more than 78% of the door area.

High loading capacity

Static loading capacity up to 1250KG


High-density perforated front door (single open)with over 110 turning degree.

High-density perforated rear door(dual open)enable equipment ventilation and reliable operation with ventilation rate above 78%

Fan tray (with 4 fans) allow air flow in the cabinet.

Lockable and removable side panels,the side panel lock is optional.

Easy structure for assembly will shorten your work period.

Adjustment is quick and convenient can slide them to the required depth and refasten.