Warranty Period
  • The standard warranty period will be 13 months from the date of the invoice or 12 months from the date of installation, whichever is earlier. The warranty period mentioned in the invoice copy of the product will be final from the date of invoice and will supersede any other document.
Who is covered?
  • This Warranty extends to the original end-user only. This Warranty is not transferable or assignable without the prior written permission of BPE. This Warranty is given ONLY to purchasers who buy for Domestic, commercial or industrial use from authorized BPE partner in the ordinary course of business
Warranty Claims Procedure and Services
  • Within thirty (30) days after Userʼs discovery of a defect, User must contact their local BPE representative and provide all material information relating to such alleged defect. User may register complaint at 1800 103 1247 or email us at support@bpee.com for local BPE representative information.
  • BPE, in its sole discretion, shall either repair or replace defective Products. User shall bear all labour or shipping charges associated with de-installation, shipment and transportation of the returned Product and the transportation and installation of the Product replaced under warranty. Warranty coverage will be extended only after BPE or its representativeʼs inspection discloses the claimed defect and shows no signs of treatment/tampering or use which would void the coverage of this Warranty.
Items Not Covered
  • THIS WARRANTY DOES NOT COVER DAMAGE OR DEFECT CAUSED BY misuse, improper application, wrong or inadequate electrical current or connection, inadequate water or drain services, negligence, inappropriate on site operating conditions, repair by non-BPE designated personnel, accident in transit, tampering, alterations, a change in location or operating use, exposure to the elements, Acts of God, theft or installation contrary to BPEʼs recommendations or specifications, or in any event if the BPE serial number has been altered, defaced, or removed.
  • THIS WARRANTY IS VOID UPON THE FOLLOWING: (1) the Product having been stored in an unsuitable environment after Product shipment, and/or (2) if the Product contains an internal battery, User allows such battery to discharge below the minimum battery voltage cut-off point or if the User does not start recharging a discharged, or partially Discharged, battery within forty-eight (48) hours of the discharge period. No salesperson, employee or agent of BPE is authorized to add to or vary the terms of this Warranty. BPE retains the right to cancel the Warranty, subject to reinstatement at BPE's sole discretion, for late- or non-payment of the Product purchase price and any other amounts due. Warranty terms may only be modified, if at all, if in writing and signed by an authorized BPE officer. (3) Payment for the product/AMC is outstanding either to BPE as its partner from whom it was purchased.
Exemptions BPE shall not be liable for failure to perform any of its obligations under or arising out of:
  • Misuse or negligent handling or tampering of the equipment by Customer or other agencies.
  • Damages caused due to fire, dust, coal dust, moisture, theft, riots, pests, rodents/rats, accidents, and other exceptional / external circumstances. Customer must ensure that the Equipment is kept in a safe dust free, moisture free and proper environment where no external sources / agents cause any damage to the Equipment.
  • The equipment may be kept in an AC environment but not in an environment that has water cooler as a temperature control mechanism since moisture can cause damage to the UPS internal electrical circuit.
  • Electrical wiring faults, short circuiting, work of other agencies such as air conditioning, welding, plumbing etc.
  • Customer cannot claim any money refund by replacing the warranted product with some other make of higher/lower/equivalent product.
  • Any consequential damages arising out of the non-performance of product shall not be covered under this warranty policy. BPE will also not be liable for any damages / loss caused to the customer due to the non-performance of the Equipment.
  • The Contract does not cover carrying out internal, external wiring, electrical earthing or any other electrical repairs.
  • The Contract does not cover failure of any wire wounds.
  • BPE will not be liable for any accident / loss of life caused due to the non-performance of the Equipment. Battery is a consumable with fixed charging / discharging cycles. Also, Battery is a power storage device and not a power generating device. A battery requires adequate input power to charge properly. Over a period of time the backup capacity of a battery reduces and hence BPE will not be liable for any reduction in the battery backup time.
  • Field personnel/service engineer are not authorized to sign any letter except the installation/service report.
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