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Healthcare continues to make enormous strides technologically. One can see these advancement everywhere from technology monitoring a patient’s fitness to startups, corporate looking to improve the healthcare industry. This progress is also evident throughout healthcare centers, from hospitals to clinics. Power protection systems in medical institutions have higher standards than those for commercial or industrial use. BPE offers a large array of Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) designed to ensure organizations can protect their systems and applications by maintaining a consistent stream of energy, even under extreme circumstances. An uninterruptible power supply is an electrical apparatus that offers emergency power even when other sources of input power fail. A UPS is critical in the event of a power failure at a hospital or a health clinic – a nightmare scenario for patients, doctors, and families. Under most circumstances, a hospital losing power could be the difference between life and death for any number of patients who are reliant on its systems functioning at optimum levels.