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Service Support Policy

For GEM Partners / Customers

While, we authorize channel partners for selling and billing for our BPE range of Line Interactive & Online UPS Systems, we would be responsible for extending warranty on items supplied strictly as per the products / models as mentioned in purchase order only.

We would not be responsible for any products supplied by the channel partner which does not conform to the specifications of the purchase order

Service/Warranty Policy

BPE is committed to maintain all its Equipment as per the terms mentioned below.
BPE through its branch service centres or through its ASPs agrees to maintain its UPS / Products, subject to the Purchase Order (PO) terms. If no specific warranty period is mentioned in the PO or in the BPE Invoice, the default period shall be treated as two years (25 months) only from the date of the invoice. However, all the batteries supplied along with BPE UPS have a default one-year warranty or as per respective OEM warranty policy. If the UPS fails after WARRANTY / AMC period, its repairs will be done on chargeable basis, for which the payments shall be made in advance.

Scope of Warranty

    • Installation Services for all Online UPS of 5KVA or above or as per the PO.
    • Maintenance services shall consist of maintenance / repairs of the equipment and will include repair and replacement of parts, if required. Parts removed through replacement shall be the property of BPE.
    • Under this service, BPE will replace the defective components like fuses, MOVs, MOSFETSs, IGBTs, Diodes, Relays, Transformers, LEDs, and Terminals etc.
    • BPE will at its discretion provide services outside normal working hours. However, in such an event the Customer has to pay additional charges for maintaining the equipment as per the mutually agreed terms / rates.

Limitation and Liability – Subject to:

    • Any changes made to the equipment, including any changes / modifications / additions / deletions made on the BPE branding on the product, will make the warranty null and void. BPE will not be responsible to support and maintain any such product.
    • Damages caused due to Input Power within the specified limits and operating environment should be dust free (AC if possible) with temperature less than 35 degree centigrade and humidity 80% (non-condensing). (Life of the Batteries increases dramatically if they are operated at 25 degree centigrade or below).
    • Adequate space is to be provided for complete UPS System & Batteries for Engineer to easily access, check and test each battery and UPS Part.
    • Any modification/upgrading of the UPS systems capabilities and features done with the written approval of BPE and in the presence of BPE personnel.
    • Any maintenance service under any circumstances posing a health or safety hazard to BPE personnel will not be insisted upon.
    • The UPS will always be attended by BPE Engineer or authorized representative. Customer will not allow any other person to attend products supplied by BPE.
    • Ideally, the installation of the UPS should be done by BPE personnel / Authorized Service Provider (ASP) only. However, if the installation of the UPS and Batteries has been done by someone other than BPE personnel / ASP, the installation note and details should be shared with BPE within 15 days of the same for the Warranty to be registered and validated. In the event of non-submission of the installation note / installation details to BPE within the specified time period, the Warranty for the equipment supplied by BPE will be void.
    • Under no circumstance will the liability of BPE be more than the value of the Equipment.

Duration of warranty

The duration of this warranty is for a term of 24 months from the date of Installation or 25 months from date of invoice of product whichever is earlier as default or, as specified in the BPE Invoice.

SLA (Service Level Arrangement):

The SLA is applicable for BPE branch Service Location Area and other easily approachable areas. For inaccessible areas like Leh & Laddakh, Laksha Dweep, Andaman Nicober, North Eastern Locations and Interior of J&K or any disturbed area, the below SLA shall not be applicable, and charges shall be extra as per mutually agreeable terms.

Online UPS Response and Resolution Time


    1. BPE shall do the installation within 48 working Hrs. at the BPE Branch Service Locations, after getting the installation request with confirmation about the availability of all accessories for installations and site preparedness. For Outside service locations the time shall be within 96 working Hrs.
    2. In case confirmation of availability of accessories happens to be not true and Engineer returns without being able to do the installation due to the non-preparation of the site or non-availability of accessories or both, the next visit/s of the Engineer for installation shall be on chargeable basis.


    1. The response time for attending to the complaints at BPE Branch Service Locations shall be within 8 working Hrs. and outside service locations it shall be 36 working Hrs.
    2. The resolution time for closing of the complaints at BPE Branch Service Locations shall be within 24 working Hrs. and Outside service locations it shall be 72 working Hrs.

Offline UPS Response and Resolution Time:

The response and resolution time for attending the complaints at BPE Branch Service Locations shall be within 24 working Hrs. and for other outside service locations, the Offline UPS will have carry in/return to bench Warranty. The UPS from such locations would need to be brought to the nearest BPE service centres. Onsite Service locations for Offline UPS are Delhi & NCR, Ludhiana, Jalandhar, Chandigarh, Kolkata, Bhubaneswar, Patna, Jamshedpur, Lucknow, Kanpur, Ghaziabad, Agra, Jaipur, Indore, Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Ahmadabad, Guwahati, Hyderabad, Chennai, Cochin, Bangalore, Raipur, Bhopal, Coimbatore.

Care of the Equipment

If the Generator is used as alternative Source of power, then the generator specification must always be s per the below specifications. IN case the specifications as mentioned herein are not met and the UPS is damaged, then it will not be covered in the Warranty.

    • Capacity/Rating: Min. 1.5 times of UPS Capacity or total load connected to Generator whichever is higher.
    • Output Voltage: 230V ± 10 % for 1Phase and 400V ± 10% for 3Ph
    • Output Frequency: 50HZ ± 4 %
    • Wave Form: Sine wave THD < 6%
    • Genset Starting Surge Voltage should be less than 1.3 times rated voltage
    • Genset should be periodically tuned to meet the specifications
    • The UPS must NOT be kept in any room which is cooled by Water Coolers since moisture can cause damage to the UPS Electrical circuits.

The customer will not add any load other than IT products on UPS without the consent and approval of BPE.

Charges for relocation: The customer at his own cost and risk shall do relocation of the equipment. Any damage to the equipment due to such relocation will not be covered under this Contract. The customer shall give prior written notice to BPE before permanently relocating the equipment, to obtain maintenance service at the new location and assistance in disconnection and re-installation which would be charged extra as per mutually agreed terms.

If Customer maintains good power hygiene, maintains wiring, current and high voltage protection, line filters etc., it will avert chances of accidents such as fire, short circuit etc., which will reduce the chances of frequent power failure and also power consumption. It will also improve the life and performance of all your electrical fittings including UPS.

Temperature has direct impact on battery life as with every 10 degree rise in operating temperature, the life of battery is reduced to half. Operating temperature @ 25° C must be controlled as per clause 1.1.2 & 1.3.3 of above-mentioned TEC guideline. Batteries warranty will be Null & Void if temperature is not maintained properly.

Complaint Registration

The authorized persons shall report complaints to BPE, in writing / email to BPE. The email for registering Complaint is support@bpeindia.com Complaint can also be registered telephonically through BPE Toll-Free No 1800 1031 247. Customer must ensure that the Complaint Ticket No. is generated and must use it for all subsequent follow-ups. All details regarding faults as specified below must be provided to enable BPE to take necessary action. (Details are as below)

    • Location: in Full Address with Pin Code and Telephone No. of Contact Person
    • Invoice detail / Date of Installation: proof of Date of purchase
    • Product detail
    • Model Name
    • Rating of UPS / Product
    • Serial No of UPS:
    • Type of Problem:

On getting this information, our centralized service/Regional service centre will allocate the same job to the nearest available engineer for resolution.


BPE shall not be liable for failure to perform any of its obligations under or arising out of:

    • Misuse or negligent handling or tampering of the equipment by Customer or other agencies.
    • Damages caused due to fire, dust, coal dust, moisture, theft, riots, pests, rodents, accidents, and other exceptional / external circumstances. Customer must ensure that the Equipment is kept in a safe dust free, moisture free and proper environment where no external sources / agents cause any damage to the Equipment.
    • The equipment may be kept in an AC environment but not in an environment that has water cooler as a temperature control mechanism since moisture can cause damage to the UPS internal electrical circuit.
    • Electrical wiring faults, short circuiting, work of other agencies such as air conditioning, welding, plumbing etc.
    • Customer cannot claim any money refund by replacing the warranted product with some other make of higher/lower/equivalent product.
    • Any consequential damages arising out of the non-performance of product shall not be covered under this warranty policy. BPE will also not be liable for any damages / loss caused to the customer due to the non-performance of the Equipment.
    • The Contract does not cover carrying out internal, external wiring, electrical earthing or any other electrical repairs.
    • The Contract does not cover failure of any wire wounds.
    • BPE will not be liable for any accident / loss of life caused due to the non-performance of the Equipment.
    • Battery is a consumable with fixed charging / discharging cycles. Also, Battery is a power storage device and not a power generating device. A battery requires adequate input power to charge properly. Over a period of time the backup capacity of a battery reduces and hence BPE will not be liable for any reduction in the battery backup time.
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